I need you

I need you, now more than I ever have in the past
To give me back what was taken in the aftermath
My sanity, my self respect, I need you..
I need you to once again set me straight
I need you to come to terms with the fact that you were the mistake
Heart beyond shattered, pieces that can’t be put back into place yes..
I do, for everything worth needing I, need you
I need you to need me less
Needless, to say until you can clean up this mess
I need you to let me live
May I spread my wings and recognize my true potential
May I add my pain to the tab along with other incidentals
I…Swear I need you
To tell me when I can release you
To give me many reasons to break free from you
You were beyond wrong but it wouldn’t feel right not to need you
So for the sake of needing, its clear that I need you to remind me that I can do better for you are so not my equal
I need you to let go, to detach
To give me piece of mind, give me old fantasies back
Let me get drunk with the possibilities of what could have been but are now irrelevant
I need, for the sake of needing…
For every naïve thought I felt was worth thinking
For every restless night I tossed and turned dreaming
For every meaningless word deserving meaning..I need you
I need you, yes…I need you
To let me, need me just a little bit more
To pay attention to an inner voice once ignored
She will be loved, she will be heard
She will speak freely and mean every word
She will need no one but God and herself to get through, whatevers left of life
But tonight, I need you

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