Think to death (let me vent edition)

Cold world, hot tempers
Bad dreams, hot flashes and cold shivers
Mind consistently pacing, thoughts deeper than the largest river I wonder…
Be still west, deep breaths
Time consuming that shit is, yea that shit lives
With a life of its own, my thoughts transform
My thoughts they form, brand new thoughts that form more thoughts of their own
Old thoughts I laid to rest become thoughts reborn
Before I could arrange a wake, before I had time to mourn
Yea they pour down harder than the hardest of storms
Save me from me before I think to death
While I think about what’s left
The wrong thoughts turn into bad decisions as I’m left to clean up the mess…
Then think about what’s next
I can’t rest in peace though I think to death
I thought I was blessed, but I think I’m stressed
I think about relief which makes me think about sex
Which makes me think about my ex
The reason I was left, left to clean up the mess
I think I no longer want to keep this concealed so I confess
But the same thoughts I just revealed make me think that I regret, regret
That emotion alone is hard to swallow, impossible to digest
I’ve somehow lost my life to these thoughts
Rest in peace west…you think to death

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